Custom Fabrication

Sharp Fiberglass, formerly International Fiberglass, began in 1966 to fill a need for custom fiberglass fabrication in the Research Triangle area of North Carolina. Since that period our quality, workmanship, and attention to detail has brought us a consistent stream of clients from all over the world.

Chief engineer and designer Frank Meldau and his son, Frank Meldau III, design the molds, oversee production and produces a wide variety of items for industrial, commercial and home usage. With more than 35 years experience, Sharp Fiberglass has assisted clients world-wide in a variety of arenas and niches.

Below is a short list of many of the items we’ve fabricated over the years. Contact us for your production needs or to fabricate one-of-a-kind items.

Industrial & Commercial Items
• Car-top pill – HealthFirst Pharmacy
• Special hood ducts – Penn Compression ABB
• Motor housing, Terex – American Crane
• Thread guides and gear guards for Rockwell Draper
• White Truck tractor-trailer components
• Givens Life Raft cannisters
• Molded fiberglass furniture-tables, chairs, stools, airport terminal chairs
• Sewage hoppers
• RDU Airport children’s playport
• Various custom automotive parts & bodies
• Projects for notable artists

• Prefabricated 30′ geodesic dome
• Molded fiberglass building
• Sculptural light forms for a hotel in Istambul, Turkey
• 12’x12′ air conditioner facades and air distributors
• 12’x5′ acid duct vents
• Commercial signage
• Outdoor sleeve planters
• Molds for concrete casting
• Molded fiberglass eagle with 12′ wingspan – Mint Museum, Charlotte, NC
• Housing and frame for the scoreboard in the Portland, Maine Sport Coliseum
• Replacement facade panels for the Duke University parking garage
• Sign faces for Research Triangle Park

• 25′ Water channels for the School of Environmental Sciences-UNC
• 3,000 gallon salt water tank-NCSU
• Aquarium tanks – NC Scientific Lab & 3 Marine Resource Centers
• Fish collecting tanks for the research vessel The Dan Moore-NCSU
• Wind generator research cones-NCSU
• Vacuum chambers-NCSU
• X-ray developing tanks-Duke University

Research Projects
• Pusher propeller blades, Benson Aircraft
• Artificial kidney press mold, Becton-Dickson
• Heart/Lung read out housing cabinet, Becton-Dickson
• Portable dog kennel prototype, U. S. Army
• Balloon gondola, NASA
• Microwave vessel for McDonald Douglas
• Power room safety panels-GTE

Boats and Marine Craft Components
• 20′ Flounder fishing boat
• 20′ Carolina Spritsail Sailboat
• Isotope and Cheshire catamarans
• Components for 36′ cruising trimaran
• Little Jet motorboat

• Carolina Enterprises, Inc. in setting up their own shop, prototype toys
• Intercontinental Trimarans, Inc. in the manufacture of sailboats
• Arts and Engineering students and professors at area universities